AMTD International (NYSE: HKIB; SGX: HKB) and Singapore Exchange (“SGX”) have entered into a long-term strategic partnership to promote the development of Singapore’s capital markets and strengthen connectivity between Singapore, ASEAN, the Greater Bay Area, the rest of China and the Middle East.

Through this collaboration, AMTD International (“AMTD”) and SGX will work together to meet the growing market needs for improved capital market access and connectivity to Singapore and beyond.

AMTD Group, parent company of AMTD International, has built a multi-dimensional, cross-sector and ever-growing SpiderNet eco-system to connect and promote collaboration between its partners, including shareholders, clients, government bodies, academic institutions, and industry associations. AMTD’s strategic alliance with SGX, a leading exchange in ASEAN with strong regional connections, would further empower and enable both organisations’ corporate clients and partners in their capital raising activities, from private financing stages to connecting with public markets and expanding internationally. SGX will be a supporting partner of AMTD SpiderNet ecosystem and Simon Lim, Chief Representative Hong Kong of SGX, will also be appointed as the Chief Coordinator to support the cooperation between SGX and AMTD SpiderNet ecosystem.

In addition to the collaboration agreement with SGX, AMTD International, together with its parent company AMTD Group and its affiliate AMTD Digital Inc. (“AMTD Digital”), (altogether known as “AMTD Group”), are also announcing a number of other initiatives today – all aimed at supporting entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses in their growth journeys through AMTD Group’s extensive global network, by enabling opportunities for efficient market access and fund raising.

As one of its strategic initiatives, AMTD Group is joining forces with the Singapore FinTech Association (“SFA”) to establish an AMTD Global FinTech Fellowship Programme in Singapore. The programme will connect local entrepreneurs with Singapore’s capital markets and strengthen their long-term competitiveness.

Mr. Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief FinTech Officer of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) commended on the initiative. He said, “A fellowship programme that provides global connectivity for our local FinTech talents as well as enhances their career development by allowing direct sharing of experiences and know-how by industry leaders and experts is a crucial survival kit in today’s environment.”

Mr. Calvin Choi, Chairman and CEO of AMTD Group, and Founder and Chairman of AMTD Foundation, stated, “We are pleased to become one of SGX’s long-term strategic partners. With the support of MAS and the various industry associations, we will propel the development of Singapore’s capital markets and empower the connectivity between local FinTech entrepreneurs and the local capital markets and beyond.”

Mr. Chew Sutat, Senior Managing Director and Head of Global Sales and Origination at SGX commented, “SGX is excited to partner with AMTD for the benefit of our clients, potential clients and partners. It is clear from AMTD’s listing in Singapore last month, as well as today’s collaboration, that AMTD puts Singapore at the heart of its global strategy. We look forward to working with AMTD, MAS and the wider industry on supporting our home-grown entrepreneurs, start-ups and listed companies.”

As part of the initiatives announced today, AMTD and SGX shall establish a Digital Marketing & Data Analytics and Intelligence Joint Project (“Joint Project”), to provide solutions targeting the pain points of Asian corporates during and after their initial public offering. AMTD Digital will use its data analytics expertise to explore its existing vast data in the AMTD SpiderNet eco-system to offer advice and guidance that may help corporates make use of relevant data. Mohamad Nasser Ismail, Senior Vice President and Global Head Equity Capital Markets in SGX and Michelle Li, CEO of AMTD Digital will be appointed as the joint representatives for the Joint Project. SGX’s connectivity will further support these organisations on their growth journey.

AMTD Group will also establish an Abu Dhabi AMTD Investment Bank Academy (AAA) in Abu Dhabi to support the next generation of investment bankers and connect Abu Dhabi with Singapore and other global capital markets. SGX will be a supporting and knowledge partner of AAA by providing information and expert insight on the capital markets of Singapore and beyond.

Finally, AMTD and SGX will jointly explore using distributed ledger technology for the issuance and servicing of fixed income securities in Singapore, as well as the wider adoption of blockchain in capital markets, international payments and settlements and trade finance.

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