The GBA Youth Card, launched by the Greater Bay Area Homeland Youth Community Foundation in partnership with Bank of China (Hong Kong), Guangdong Youth Federation, Hong Kong United Youth Association and Macao Youth Federation, is now open for application. The card provides all the conveniences to Hong Kong youth in various aspects including work, live and travel in the Greater Bay Area (GBA). The co-branded card provides a series of functions including youth service, enquiry for assistance, banking service, insurance, travel assistance and discount on telecom service. It will also be linked to a YO PLACE membership that allows cardholders to benefit from information and services provided by YO PLACE to its members.

YO PLACE is an online and offline youth platform set up by the Greater Bay Area Homeland Youth Community Foundation, which provides information and services to young people in Hong Kong about education, employment and entrepreneurship in the Greater Bay Area, so as to help them develop the skills and seize the development opportunities in the Greater Bay Area.

Dr. Calvin Choi, Vice Chairman of the Greater Bay Area Homeland Youth Community Foundation, Chairman of AMTD Group, and Founder of AMTD Charity Foundation, said, “We need to strengthen communication and encourage young people in Hong Kong to understand the status quo of the Greater Bay Area. The GBA Youth Card, in addition to offering regular credit card benefits, also provides support services to make it easier for young people to connect with the region. Young people in Hong Kong should actively explore and take advantage of the GBA opportunities and integrate themselves into the overall national strategy and development plan.”

Yesterday, Mr. Yat-kin Sin, Vice Chairman of AMTD Group, led the key departments’ representatives to visit the temporary application center to support the staff there who worked over weekend to assist with the applications, as well as apply for the GBA Youth Card on-site in person.

For further inquiries of applications, please call or visit:
Telephone: 2108 3288
Website of Bank of China (Hong Kong):


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