On November 13th, 2019, China Feihe Limited (“Feihe” or “the Company”, Stock Code: 6186.HK), the largest and most highly recognized Chinese brand infant milk formula company, was successfully listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange. AMTD acted as a Joint Lead Underwriter, Joint Bookrunner and Joint Lead Manager of Feihe’s IPO, assisting the Company to successfully complete public offering in Hong Kong. The transaction is the 19th IPO issuance of AMTD in 2019, demonstrating AMTD’s strength to offer professional services to Chinese leading companies in the international financial markets. Feihe has the largest market cap among new listings of all dairy companies in the history of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Mr. Marcellus Wong, Vice Chairman of AMTD (2nd from the right); Mr. Xinhai Meng, Managing Director of Capital Markets & Advisory of AMTD (1st from the left); Mr. Leng Youbin, Chairman and CEO of Feihe (Middle); Mr. Liu Hua, Vice Chairman and CFO of Feihe (first from the right); Mr. Li Chen, Investment Director of Feihe (2nd from the left)

Feihe, the largest and most highly recognized Chinese brand infant milk formula company, is a prominent market leader in Chinese infant milk formula market. With longstanding expertise in the infant milk formula business, Feihe has a unique value proposition as “More Suitable for Chinese Babies”. Feihe’s products are designed to closely simulate the composition of the breast milk of Chinese mothers through in-house research and development formulations, with the aim of achieving an optimal balance of key ingredients for Chinese babies based on their biological physique. With Feihe’s strengthening brand recognition as a high-end infant milk formula brand and the expanding demand for its high-end products, the Company’s revenue and net profit both experienced significant growth over the years, becoming the first Chinese milk formula brand with revenue exceeding RMB10 billion.

Mr. Marcellus Wong, Vice Chairman of AMTD (3rd from the right), and Mr. Xinhai Meng, Managing Director of Capital Markets & Advisory of AMTD (1st from the right) attended the listing ceremony

As a comprehensive financial institution rooted in Hong Kong, based in the Greater Bay Area, backed by the motherland of China and facing the globe, AMTD has always been committed to provide clients with open, innovative, diversified and professional services. AMTD has completed a number of Hong Kong and US IPOs for various industry-leading companies in China this year, including 36Kr (NASDAQ: KRKR), China’s prominent brand and a pioneering platform dedicated to serving New Economy participants; ECMOHO (NASDAQ: MOHO), No.1 non-medical health and wellness integrated solution provider in China; FangDD (NASDAQ: DUO), China’s largest online real estate marketplace; CMGE (302.HK), China’s leading IP game operator and publisher; Henlius (2696.HK), a leading bio-pharmaceutical manufacturer in China; Jinshang Bank (2558.HK), the first listed bank in Shanxi Province; Edvantage (382.HK), the largest private tertiary education group for business in the Greater Bay Area; IVD Medical (1931.HK), a leading distributor in the PRC IVD market; Impro (1286.HK), a global top 10 manufacturer of high-precision, high-complexity and mission-critical casting and machined components; Duiba (1753.HK), China’s leading user management SaaS provider for online businesses and interactive advertising platform operator; Koolearn (1797.HK), a leading online extracurricular education service provider in China; Up Fintech (NASDAQ: TIGR), a leading online brokerage firm; IntelliCentrics (6819.HK), a leading medical technological platform; Aoyuan Healthy Life (3662.HK), a renowned property management service and commercial operational service provider; Maoyan Entertainment (1896.HK), the first Hong Kong-listed company in China’s Internet entertainment service industry; Weimob (2013.HK), “the first Hong Kong-listed new economy SaaS company”; Weigang (1845.HK), China’s leading comprehensive hazardous waste incineration turnkey solution provider.

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