Under the U.S.$1,000,000,000 Medium Term Note Programme 


The Company hereby announces that on 27 October 2021, the Company has completed a partial open market voluntary early repurchase of the SG Tranche Perpectual Securities in the principal amount of S$11,188,000, representing 22.38% of the total amount of the SG tranche Perpetual Securities originally issued. 

Subject to the Board’s discretion, the repurchased securities may or may not be cancelled. 

The Company has completed the repurchase of the securities in order to take advantage of current market conditions and to enhance its overall capital structure by utilising available internal working capital resources. The Company will continue to monitor market conditions and its financial structure to decide if any further repurchase of its securities as and when appropriate. 

About the Company 

The Company (NYSE: HKIB; SGX: HKB) is the world only NYSE and SGX dual-listed company. The Company is a premier Asia financial institution group connecting companies and investors from Asia, including China and Hong Kong as well as the ASEAN markets with global capital markets. Its comprehensive one-stop financial service solutions strategy addresses different clients’ diverse and inter-connected financial needs across all phases of their life cycles. Leveraging its deep roots in Asia and its unique eco-system — the “AMTD SpiderNet” — the Company is uniquely positioned as an active super-connector between clients, business partners, investee companies, and investors, connecting the East and the West. 

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