On the second day of the HK Fintech Week, Raymond Yung, Vice Chairman of Global Advisory Committee at AMTD Group, hosted a virtual panel discussion on ‘Emergence of Digital Professional Services’ with Henry Tan, Group CEO of Nexia TS, Satyam Agrawal, President ASEAN & Global Head for Financial Services of GlobalLinker, and Joe Wan, CEO of Tricor HK.

Mr. Raymond Yung, Vice Chairman of Global Advisory Committee, AMTD Group (top left), Mr. Joe Wan, CEO of Tricor HK (bottom right), Mr. Satyam Agrawal, President ASEAN & Global Head, Financial Services, GlobalLinker (bottom left), and Mr. Henry Tan, Group CEO of Nexia TS (top right) joined the panel discussion about ‘Emergence of Digital Professional Services’

Raymond started the panel discussion mentioning that clients are more willing to embrace technology and artificial intelligence with the onset of digital transformation, which also means that professional service firms need to transform and disrupt themselves to stay ahead of the game. Joe Wan, CEO of Tricor HK believes that technology has positive impacts on professional service firms, given that technology helps them concentrate on high-value advisory work rather than some repetitive and mundane tasks, improves productivity and optimizes internal communications to a highly effective means and manner, especially under the COVID-19 pandemic. Henry Tan, Group CEO of Nexia TS, explained its strategy in leading digitalization from two aspects. One part of the strategy is the digitalizing of the process. Specifically, Nexia TS implemented a practice management system that covers the whole digitalization process. Second part of the strategy is making use of tools to work digitally. For example, Nexia TS uses digital tools to deal with work papers and conduct big data analysis, resulting in an increase in work efficiency. In October 2020, Nexia TS and AMTD signed a collaboration agreement to explore and embrace the digital world.

On 2nd October 2020, AMTD and Nexia TS Group, a Singapore Top 10-ranked homegrown accounting and consulting firm, signed a colloboration agreement

Satyam Agrawal, President ASEAN & Global Head for Financial Services of GlobalLinker, an experienced banker in FinTech area, mentioned three important trends with digitalization. Firstly, SMEs (“Small and Medium Enterprises”) want to be digitally powered and smart. In addition, SMEs can be served in a cost-efficient way with the help of digitalization. Finally, more services providers could embed their products via SAAS into SMEs’ journey with digitalization. In July 2020, AMTD signed a strategic collaboration agreement with GlobalLinker to jointly build a digital community and digital tools portal for Asian SMEs.

In July 2020, AMTD built a strategic partnership with GlobalLinker, an SME Business Networking Solution provider, to enable and empower SMEs in Singapore, propel their long-term development and maintain their competitiveness

AMTD Group is a leading comprehensive conglomerate in Asia, with its strategy entitled “IDEAS” representing five core business pillars, namely AMTD International (HKIB:NYSE; HKB:SGX), AMTD Digital, AMTD Education, AMTD Assets, and AMTD Services. AMTD has always been participating in promoting the rapid development of fintech via acquiring and investing in the digitalization segment. AMTD emphasizes on the impact of innovation and is committed to building a bridge connecting world-leading tech enterprises with Asian capital markets.

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