As the only Hong Kong-based financial institution among all the global strategic partners of the World Economic Forum, AMTD has set up the “AMTD House” at the Annual Meeting in Davos for three consecutive years. This year, AMTD has also set up the “AMTD Hotel” in particular. Then, please follow our camera glancing the unique Chinese charm presented by AMTD House and AMTD Hotel in Davos, where are at the snow-covered mountaintop.

AMTD House is located at the core location of Promenade Street, the main street of Davos, which is also named as CBD within 5-minute walking distance away from the main venue of Davos. It is adjacent to Nasdaq, Zurich Insurance Group, Google, Facebook and other companies’ pavilions. In history, this is the first Hong Kong company, and one of a few Chinese enterprises that has set up an enterprise center at the Davos Annual Meeting in three consecutive years, showing the development achievements of Hong Kong enterprises to global political and business leaders. The building, where AMTD House is located, has a very long history. It was built in 1688, having a history of more than 300 years with lasting charms, witnessed the glorious and legend of Davos.

Follow our camera glancing the AMTD House and AMTD Hotel in Davos

>>>>Former life of AMTD House: Introduced in 1688

>>>>Current Life of AMTD House:CBD in Davos

AMTD House is located at the core location of Promenade Street, the main street of Davos

Cloudless sky and bustling street

AMTD House at night

>>>>Chinese New Year in AMTD House

Moreover, we also specially prepared AMTD customized red packet, AMTD commemorative golden coin and AMTD wireless portable battery, to celebrate a flourishing Chinese New Year!

>>>>The Style and Features of AMTD House

>>>>AMTD Kam Kee Café

AMTD and Hong Kong Kam Kee Holdings launched the collaboration brand “AMTD Kam Kee Café” at AMTD House in Davos, to restore the characteristics of traditional Hong Kong style tea café, and to exhibit the classic Hong Kong dishes on the international stage

>>>>AMTD Exhibition Hall

A special exhibition hall is set up in the AMTD House to fully showcase AMTD’s achievements and precious historical moments in the development process

>>>>AMTD Interactive Game Entertainment Zone

AMTD has established its unique AMTD SpiderNet ecosystem. With its diversified business network and huge client base, it has formed a “multi-phase” relationship network, combining different customers, shareholders, partners and portfolio companies to maximize the ecological network effect, to exchange and cooperate, empower synergy, and finally gain a win-win development. In the Davos AMTD House, we developed the AMTD interactive mini-game, inviting guests to experience the AMTD unique ecosystem while engaging in the interactive entertainment

>>>>AMTD Reception Room

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