Calvin Choi’s speech at 2018 Yabuli Youth Forum Innovation Annual Meeting

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Calvin Choi’s speech at 2018 Yabuli Youth Forum Innovation Annual Meeting: What the nation needs is where the Hong Kong excels, technology spurs development and innovation enlightens the future

On 23rd June, the 4th Yabuli Youth Forum Innovation 2018 Annual Meeting jointly hosted by AMTD Group and China Entrepreneurs Forum was held in Hong Kong. As the only Hong Kong financial institution among strategic partners of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum, AMTD and Yabuli Forum has constantly deepened cooperation and moved Yabuli Youth Forum to Hong Kong for the first time.

The forum is themed “One In All,All In One” aiming to discuss the most anticipated topic of economics and enterprise development including the Greater Bay Area and the new opportunities of FinTech. Calvin Choi, Chairman and President of AMTD Group attended the opening ceremony representing the co-organiser of this youth forum and delivered an inaugural keynote speech to 200 guests present.

Dear Vice President Leung, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

Good morning!

I am Calvin Choi, Chairman and President of AMTD Group. AMTD Group is very honoured to co-organize this event and facilitate the discussion over youth innovation and integrated development of the Greater Bay Area. AMTD and Yabuli Forum are long-term strategic partners and AMTD has actively embraced and are deeply engaged in the Yabuli annual meetings and summer summits every year.

AMTD Group as a Hong Kong local financial institution, has developed rapidly over the recent years thanks to Hong Kong’s advantage and the development momentum of China’s open-up policies. As the most international city of the country, Hong Kong has always assumed the role as a “super-connector” to connect the Mainland and Hong Kong markets and to connect the Mainland enterprises with international investors. From 1993, Tsingtao Brewery was the first Mainland enterprise to be listed in Hong Kong. In the coming days, Xiaomi’s overwhelming public debut in Hong Kong is the best demonstration of Chinese brands and products “going global” through the capital markets of Hong Kong. This is also the first company listed in Hong Kong under “Weighted Voting Rights” structures.

Under the Greater Bay Area Strategy of China, Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area will gradually develop into an “international technology innovation centre”. Hong Kong has always combined the strengths of China and the West, attracted talents and achieved great economic developments accompanied by numerous stories of successful world-class Chinese entrepreneurs. Hong Kong will play an important role in the overall development of the Greater Bay Area. AMTD will commit to the prosperity and innovation of Hong Kong and contribute our efforts to the development of the Greater Bay Area.

2018 marks the 15th anniversary of founding of AMTD Group. Thanks to the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, I am very honoured to lead AMTD Group from a local asset management firm to a comprehensive financial institution. AMTD has always been committed to promoting the cooperation and exchanges between Hong Kong, Mainland China and global technology innovation talents and to contributing to the cultivation of local talents.

We believe that talents are the key for future development of the Greater Bay Area so we established the first FinTech Centre in Hong Kong, “AMTD FinTech Centre” with Hong Kong Polytechnic University to promote the exchanges and interaction between industry and academia, to promote the implementation of innovative technologies and to promote the future innovative development of Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

Moreover, we established “University of Waterloo-AMTD Innovation Hub” in Central, Hong Kong, with University of Waterloo, the most innovative university in Canada to support the training and exchanges of innovative talents. We have also launched a global FinTech talent cultivation scheme with Dianrong, the leading Chinese FinTech unicorn company and Upgrade, a leading U.S. online consumer finance company. We hope to create a new generation of young people with patriotism, national spirit, Hong Kong ambition and global vision by contributing our resources and strengths. We hope that the youth in Hong Kong can capture the unlimited opportunities of the Greater Bay Area, display the “Lion Rock” spirit and spare no efforts to improve themselves.

The current government of HKSAR is promoting Hong Kong’s new role as the international innovative technology centre on the global stage and promoting the development opportunities under the Greater Bay Area, which AMTD is actively involved in. AMTD, for the first time in the history of World Economic Forum, has established “AMTD Corporate Centre” and hosted the first “Hong Kong Night” in the history of Davos. We were also very honoured to have President Liu Ming Kang at our centre in Davos. We were grateful to the HK government for the Chief Executive’s presence at the centre to show Hong Kong’s achievements and development to the world. AMTD’s vision and my ideal is to build a financial institution rooted in Hong Kong, backed by China and covering the globe, join hands with our friends, the industry and regulators, provide new motivation for Hong Kong’s innovative development and contribute to Hong Kong’s stability and prosperity.

Thank you for coming! I believe that with your support, this forum will gradually develop into a long-term common platform for Mainland and Hong Kong youth to exchange innovative ideas. Human creativity is unlimited and technology connect different people. Let us join hands to promote the implementation of youth creativity and entrepreneurship in the Greater Bay Area. Thank you!