AMTD successfully leads the listing of Xinte Energy Co., Ltd’s initial public offering on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

On 30 December 2015, Xinte Energy Co., Ltd. (1799.HK, “Xinte Energy” or the “Company”), a leader in China’s new energy industry, a pioneer of the “One Belt One Road” strategy and a leading integrated service provider of photovoltaics, has successfully listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. AMTD Asset Management Limited (“AMTD”) acted as the Joint Global Coordinator, Joint Bookrunner and Joint Lead Manager on the transaction and successfully led the initial public offering of Xinte Energy’s H shares.

(Management team of Xinte Energy Co., Ltd together with the AMTD team hosted the “Gong” striking ceremony at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. From left, Mr. Sidney Ku, Managing Director of Insurance and Client Coverage of AMTD, Mr. Marcellus Wong, Vice President of Global Advisory Committee of L.R. Capital and Board Member of Xinte Energy Co., Ltd, Mr. Zhang Xin, Chairman of the Board of Tebian Electric Apparatus Stock Company Limited and Board Member of Xinte Energy Co., Ltd, Mr. Zhang JianXin, Chairman of the Board of Xinte Energy Co., Ltd, Ms. Christine Kwok, Chief Operating Officer of AMTD.)

Xinte Energy focuses in the new energy segment and is a subsidiary of Tebian Electric Apparatus Stock Company Limited (SH-600089, “TBEA”), China’s largest energy equipment manufacturer and a global leader in the power transmission manufacturing industry. TBEA’s annual transformer production capacity ranks first in China and among the top three globally.

In April 2015, Xinte Energy announced the introduction of pre-IPO investors which included China Minsheng Investment Corp., Ltd. (widely known as the “private sector version of China Investment Corp.”), L.R. Capital (a leading global investment and alternative asset manager) and GF Energy Investment, a subsidiary of GF Securities. The introduction of these high-quality investors further strengthened Xinte Energy’s capabilities by bringing in capital and resources from China and overseas.

AMTD, as the Joint Global Coordinator, Joint Bookrunner and Joint Lead Manager of this important IPO has successfully introduced: 1) LRC Belt & Road Investment Limited (a joint venture focuses on “One Belt One Road” investments and established by the globally well-known FinTech expert, Mr. Soul Htite, who is the co-founder of Lending Club and the founder and CEO of and 2) Keystone Group LTD (a leading investment and asset management company in China’s Pearl River Delta and Southeast Asia region) as the largest cornerstone investors of Xinte Energy’s IPO. In addition, AMTD has introduced the globally well-known family office Everglory Investment and Strategic Global Energy (the global leader in energy investments) as anchor investors.

Other cornerstone investors of this IPO include Mr. Shi Yuzhu (a well-known Chinese entrepreneur) and Xinjiang Energy Investment Co., Ltd.


As the largest contractor of photovoltaic projects in China and a leading manufacturer of polysilicon, Xinte Energy has been able to capture business opportunities of the photovoltaic industry by specializing in the upstream and downstream business of photovoltaic and building strategic relationships with clients in the polysilicon manufacturing and construction contracting industries. Xinte Energy’s competitive advantage in the industry has enabled the Company to seize enormous business opportunities and realize favorable profit margin.

In addition, Xinte Energy is active in expanding its business internationally, their construction of the mega-scale photovoltaic power plant in Pakistan is one of the symbolic projects of the “One Belt One Road” policy. Going forward, Xinte Energy will continue to strengthen its support to the “One Belt One Road” strategic plan by expanding their business internationally where the development potential is enormous.

(Core members of the AMTD Group attending the Xinte Energy IPO celebrating dinner.)

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