Leading Independent Investment Banking Firm in Asia

Providing full-fledged capital market services with unrivalled investment banking capabilities in Hong Kong and across the globe

No.1 Independent Investment Banking Firm in Asia

We have quickly built up a solid track record and established our market position and brand recognition for China-based issuers in Hong Kong, the United States, and the other international capital markets.

Full service capabilities

We offer our clients a full suite of services for capital markets transactions, covering equity and debt offerings, credit rating advisory, other financing transactions, and merger and acquisitions. Based on our full product coverage, we are able to serve clients and develop long-term relationships through multiple engagements.

Client focus

We focus on client needs and always strive to explore long-term business collaboration rather than completing individual transactions because we recognize that our clients are the foundation of our ‘‘AMTD SpiderNet’’ ecosystem and our relationship with them is key to our sustainable development and success.

Industry expertise

Our services are enriched by our experience and expertise in certain important industries, allowing us to better understand and anticipate clients’ circumstances and needs. We have particular expertise in the PRC regional bank and new economy sectors.

Senior level participation

In addition to managing and maintaining client relationships, our senior professionals also actively participate in deal execution to ensure seamless execution and satisfactory client experience.

“True pioneer for GLOCALIZATION

More international than local, more local than international.”

Asset Management

Largest independent asset manager serving both PRC regional banks and new economy companies

Strategic Investment

Leading investor focusing on new economy frontrunners and financial institutions