We are a leading Hong Kong-headquartered comprehensive financial institution. According to the CIC Report, we are the No. 1 independent investment banking firm in Asia as measured by both the number and the aggregate offering size of Hong Kong and U.S. IPOs completed in each of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019, and the largest independent asset management firm in Asia in serving both PRC regional banks and new economy companies as measured by AUM as of March 31, 2019.

We are one of the few financial institutions that are majority-owned and managed by local Hong Kong entrepreneurs and professionals with extensive knowledge and experience across Greater China, and this genuine ‘‘Hong Kong-owned’’ identity positions us to play an instrumental role in connecting local clients from Hong Kong and China with global capital markets. Compared to other global and Chinese market players in Hong Kong, we believe that we benefit from greater execution efficiency, local market and industry know-how, and unparalleled access to the sizeable capital of Hong Kong’s tycoon families.

Our global capital markets expertise, coupled with deep roots in Asia, have propelled us to become one of the ‘‘go-to’’ financial institutions in Hong Kong, fulfilling the complex financial needs of our clients across all phases of their development. Our clientele includes PRC banks, privately-owned companies primarily in new economy sectors, and Hong Kong-based blue-chip conglomerates, among others.

We operate a full-service platform encompassing three business lines: investment banking, asset management, and strategic investment.



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