58 Finance

58 Finance is the Fintech platform of 58 Group, the largest classified information life service platform in China. 58 Group hold many well-known domestic internet brands, including 58 City (NYSE: WUBA), the largest domestic online classifieds and listing platform listed in the United States, Ganji, Anjuke, Zhuanzhuan, 58 Home, etc. Its ecosystem covers housing, cars and other life services. Such strong ecosystem provides adequate support and synergy for 58 Finance. Since the inception of 58 Finance, its car financing and consumer finance business have grown rapidly, and the potential for new businesses such as mortgages and insurance is enormous. Under the impetus of other internet giants in the financial sector, 58 Finance has also been popular in the capital market. Its investors include domestic internet giant Tencent and well-known investment institutions such as Softbank, a private equity investor at home and abroad. 58 Finance spans the life cycle of customers using its full scene capacities and creates a multi-scenario, multi-asset as well as multi-product integrated financial services platform