AMTD Calvin Choi in Institutional Investor’s 2016 “Fintech Finance 35”

AMTD Group (“AMTD” or the “Group”) is pleased to announce that Mr. Calvin Choi, Chairman & President of the Group, was recently named by world-renowned financial magazine “Institutional Investor” as this year’s “Fintech Finance 35”. It is also the first time for AMTD to be selected and as the only Hong Kong financial institution in the list. The inclusion reflected the recognition of AMTD‘s endless efforts in promoting Fintech investment and development from international capital markets and investor communities. In the future, AMTD will deploy more resources in global Fintech and new economy field, and promote the healthy and dynamic development of the global internet and Fintech space.

(Institutional Investor published an in-depth article on AMTD’s investment in the Fintech industry)

On 2 December, the iiFintech Symposium & Awards, the award ceremony and Fintech summit organized by Institutional Investor was held in New York. Participated in this event were key players specializing in the development of Fintech investment. This included internationally renowned financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, UBS AG; private equity and investment firms such as General Atlantic, Bain Capital Ventures and Citi Ventures, as well as regulatory bodies and industry organizations such as the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Innovate Finance from London. AMTD Group Chairman & President Mr. Calvin Choi and his team were invited to attend the summit and the award ceremony, and exchanged views with leaders, well-known institutions and corporates as well as regulatory bodies in the Fintech industry.

(Mr. Calvin Choi named by Institutional Investor as one of the “Fintech Finance 35”)

Institutional Investor is a world-renowned financial magazine with great influence in the capital markets. Since its establishment in 1967, it has built a good reputation among institutional investors ranging from Wall Street in US to the world. In 2015, Institutional Investor launched the “Fintech Finance 35” list, with an aim to award those playing a key role in promoting the development of the financial sector and technology innovation. Each year, a total of 35 leaders who has contributed to the development of global Fintech industry will be selected through thorough consideration and research.

(“The 2016 Fintech Finance 35” by Institutional Investor )

Mr. Calvin Choi, Chairman & President of AMTD, ranked as one of the 2016 “Fintech Finance 35”, alongside with Mr. Sopnendu Mohanty, the Chief Fintech Officer of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Mr. Fabian Vandenreydt, the Global Head of Securities of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), Mr. Darren Cohen, the Global Head of Principal Strategic Investments of Goldman Sachs, as well as Mr. Jonathan Korngold, Head of Global Financial Services Sector of General Atlantic, etc. It is also the first time for AMTD to be selected and as the only Hong Kong financial institution in the list, together with other world-famous financial institutions, industry organizations and regulatory bodies.

(AMTD Team attended the 2016 iiFintech Symposium and Award Ceremony held by Institutional Investor)

Mr. Calvin Choi commented in the interview with Institutional Investor that he “expects to see accelerated growth in Fintech investing following the increased scrutiny by regulators and attention from institutional players globally”, and “expects more global Fintech players to establish partnerships with local players and alliances with institutions regional to expand beyond their local markets”.

“In AMTD, we will continue to introduce more outstanding Greater China Fintech companies to the international market and assist more Global Fintech pioneers to extend its footprint to China, ultimately facilitate the connectivity between Asia/ Global capital with top internet companies and Fintech universe”, Mr. Choi continued.

(AMTD Team attended the 2016 iiFintech Symposium and Award Ceremony held by Institutional Investor)

As an integrated non-bank financial institution headquartered in Hong Kong with broad business coverage and network across Asia, AMTD has focused on the transformative power of technological innovation and is dedicated to enabling a highly efficient channel of communication and cooperation between the top global Fintech companies, internet companies and Asian capital. AMTD is keen to promote the healthy and dynamic development of the global internet and innovative technology universe, deepening cross-border, cross-regional and cross-sectoral linkage of capital and technology and forming a pioneering platform with global strategic vision, top local capability and insights with in-depth industry resources. On October, AMTD joined force with LendIt, the world’s largest and most influential Fintech summit organization to establish the AMTD-LendIt Joint Global Office. The collaboration aims to create a premier conduit for optimal and seamless exchange between Asian/global capital and the leading global internet/Fintech universe. In addition, AMTD and LendIt co-organized the LendIt-AMTD Global Fintech Investment Summit in Hong Kong, which was the first ever global-scale summit of Fintech sector in the city, with over 40 top Fintech enterprises globally, as well as over 300 investment institutions and academic representatives from different countries and regions attended. Over the years, AMTD continues to invest in the “New Economy” related space. Recently, AMTD supported the successful listing of the leading mobile internet company Meitu, Inc.’s US$630mm IPO on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Not only is Meitu the largest technology company IPO in Hong Kong in the last decade, it is also one of the largest listed technology companies in Hong Kong. AMTD Strategic Capital Group (尚乘策略资本), a unit of AMTD Group specializing in asset management, private equity investments and insurance brokerage businesses, is a strategic shareholder of, a leading Fintech company in China. Other investments made by AMTD Strategic Capital Group include: UCAR, China’s leading auto rental firm;, a leading used car sales platform in China;, an online student loan platform from US and Peachjar, a US-headquartered internet education services provider etc.